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MINI Diesel Technology Informer.

Engine technology is seeing increased scrutiny in the media at present. Much of the media cites harmful Nitrogen Oxide gases and harmful particulates as being responsible for an increase in air pollution and being potentially dangerous. However, many of the stories being portrayed in the media do not accurately differentiate between the ages of cars being discussed, and the levels of investment and development by different manufacturers into
engine technology. MINI have invested heavily in all their engine technologies, petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric. Below, we share some key advancements that MINI have made, if you have any questions regarding any of the engine technologies currently showcased across the range, we are more than happy to "pop the bonnet" and answer them.


At Specialist Cars we have our own Product Genius' and specialists, and of course our sales
teams for Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid models, all on hand to present and demonstrate our full
range of vehicles. Why not book a test drive and experience these technologies first hand?